Here are some frequently asked questions about us, who we are and what we have been serving our community.


What is our Philosophy?
From the supply of our products, to the layout of our store, at every step our customers can see with full transparency what is in our Kebabs. We make sure that all ingredients are not only visible to our customers but that they can also view the entire process. One of our most important values when it comes to what success means to us is our transparency.
Much like the Burger, Kebabs are a popular item wherever they have been introduced. However, they remain an item that requires much skill and attention to get right. We believe that exposing the process and ingredients to our customers will only empower our products and enhance the service.


Why Choose us?
We are clean, fresh and healthy. We are energetic and genuinely care for our customers. Most importantly, we love what we serve! Kebabs to us are more than just a food item, but a tradition and cultural pride. We have experience in the fast food industry and have significant recent success providing gourmet Kebabs in Auckland.


Our meat?
We actually own our own meat supply chain.

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