Our Story

We are a Kebab Shop. However, we are not your typical Kebab Shop. With the plethora of Kebab outlets on the streets of New Zealand our favorite food item was getting a bad rep. Therefore, we have set out to bring back what Kebab has always been about; a “real”, healthy, fast and rejuvenating food item. Combining fresh and healthy ingredients to create a hot and delicious wrap that has been satisfying its consumer since the 1800’s!
We are professional, and are dead serious on creating the best Kebabs in New Zealand. Having opened our first Kebab King store in late 2014 with much success and positive feedback we have set out to open three in 2015.

What We Do

We make Kebabs as they are traditionally meant to be. Healthy, delicious and fast. Our Menu is simple, diverse and easy to glance over. We have a wide selection that is unyieldingly healthy for our customers and has just the right number of add-ons. Finally, we also serve traditional desserts to complement our main menu.
Being Kebab lovers since their childhood, our Management team has been in the Kebab industry for over a decade and has now set their focus on creating the best Kebabs and best take-away experience in New Zealand.
You can therefore count on us to source fresh produce, prime New Zealand meat and the essential traditional ingredients that makes the Kebab a dynamic item demanded by so many people from different backgrounds.
Finally, we recognise the necessity for high standards of service and hygiene when operating in the fast food industry. You can count on our highly trained staff and professional management team when it comes to catering to your specific requirements.

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